Blurring the lines between past and present, Gubi is a global design house where the creative talents of today meet and mingle with a century of design brilliance.


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F.A. 33 Mirror
by Gubi
$1,275 - $1,955
Grashoppa Floor Lamp
by Gubi
$1,020 - $1,105
Tynell 9602 Floor Lamp
by Gubi
$1,530 - $1,700

Founded in 1967 by Gubi and Lisbeth Olsen, the brand is defined by a passion for the past as well as the present. Gubi is a distinctive international design icon. Hunting down forgotten design icons like Greta Grossman, Jacques Adnet, and Mathieu Mategot, Gubi brings designs from the thirties through the seventies back to life, the collection is rounded out by collaborations with up and coming designers, forming a highly versatile brand. Gubi lights are as eclectic as they are provoking, a product of each designer's courage, instinct and curiosity. With simple yet striking shapes, unique materials and innovative techniques, Gubi is a contemporary vision. Gubi effectively blurs the lines between past and present, delivering symbolic lamps that leave a powerful impression on both the eye and imagination.