Asylum Pro Consultancy | expert witness services for Sri Lankan asylum seekers
Frederica Jansz is an expert witness for legal cases involving Sri Lankans seeking aylum in the U.K., Australia, U.S. and Canada. Working independently on behalf of the prosecution and the defense, Frederica will create an expert witness report based on the asylum seeker's legal appeal. Frederica is also available to provide oral evidence if requested.
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Asylum Pro Consultancy is an advisory service offering expert witness reports and document verification services for asylum seekers from Sri Lanka. We currently work with the British courts (including Australia and Canada) and the Unites States courts.

Independent Analysis

We provide independent country-specific information in asylum and immigration cases. We do not act as an advocate for an appellant, but to give objective and independent evidence. Our services are for the Court or Tribunal, not the appellant.

Expert Witness Reports

Our primary deliverable is an expert witness report which provides factual information relevant to deciding an asylum or immigration claim that would not otherwise be available to the Court or Tribunal.

Oral Evidence

In cases where an expert witness report is insufficient to the determination of the case, we also are available to provide oral evidence.